Early Preventative Treatment

Preventative Care

You don’t have to wait for an orthodontic problem to arise before you visit your orthodontist. Dr. Bales will use x-rays and a clinical examination to evaluate children as early as seven years old. Often, if a problem with the teeth is detected early enough, the treatment can be much shorter and less expensive. Here is a list of common preventative treatments.

Space maintainers

Early loss of teeth sometimes requires a space maintainer. If a tooth is lost before the permanent tooth has a chance to take its place, the space will close when other teeth drift into the space. Once the permanent tooth erupts, it’s path will be out of alignment as well. A space maintainer is an orthodontic appliance that holds the space open so that the permanent tooth can erupt favorably. It is a simple device that can save your child many months of future orthodontic treatment.

Early Extraction

Sometimes baby teeth do not fall out when they are supposed to. In fact, there are some cases when the baby tooth does not fall out naturally at all. This can happen when the permanent tooth grows in the wrong location and does not push out the baby tooth. In these cases it may be necessary to extract the baby tooth to assist in the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Cross-Bite Appliance

When a healthy mouth bites down, the top teeth will fit outside of the bottom teeth. This is natures way of helping you chew your food without chewing your cheeks and lips. Cross-bite is when the top teeth fit on the inside of the lower teeth. Dr. Bales can fabricate one of several appliances that will be specific for your case.


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