Good News Contest 2011

Good News Contest 2011

In conjunction with the United Way and Brandon & District, Drs. Corbett and Bales co-sponsored the Good News Contest. Kaitlyn won for her Good News Story. Here she is accepting her prize of a new IPad from Drs. Corbett and Bales.

Kaitlyn with her family and all the sponsors

Kaitlyn with her family and all the sponsors – Good News Story Contest
Winning Submission by Kaitlyn, age 14
Brandon, Manitoba

Often people think of organizations or individuals when it comes to recognizing someone for community spirit.I’d like to recognize my family.

Fourteen years ago, when I was just a baby, my family began to help out an elderly lady (our next‐door neighbour). She was once a complete stranger, but with my parents’ care and support, she eventually became like a grandmother to us.
As young children, my brother and I would go over to her house and deliver a special arts and crafts item that we had spent our time working on that day. She was delighted by the gift as well as the frequent visits since her family did not live in Brandon.

As we grew older, we would continue to stop by her house and we would mail letters for her and pull weeds from her flower bed, as at that time, she was well over 90 years young. Marge was someone who loved music and so I would often go over and her and I would play the piano and sing songs.

As she began to age, her family became more concerned about her and would call for us to check in on her to see that she was doing alright. My mom would make Marge home‐cooked meals and my brother and I would deliver the meals to her. If mom was heading to the store, we would check to see if she needed any errands run.

My Dad looked after Marge’s yard. He would cut the grass and keep her yard immaculate during the summer and keep her driveway clear during the winter. He would do household repairs and we would all keep her yard intact as we painted the fence, cleaned windows, pruned trees and other yard maintenance.

One time Marge had an accident and mom rushed her to the Emergency Room. She spent a few hours there with her and even spent the night at her home to make sure that she was alright.

In 2005, Brandon was hit by a terrible downpour of rain. This led to the lower parts of Brandon dealing with sewer backup … Marge’s home and ours included. My parents helped Marge during this difficult time and we all managed to get through it, together.

Since Marge was so close to us, my brother and I would make her cards on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Christmas, and her birthday. We would send her flowers, also.
Marge has recently moved away from Brandon, but we continue our connection with phone calls and visits to Winnipeg. She celebrated her 100th Birthday this past year.

Even though she doesn’t live next door to us anymore, those 12 years of help we gave her bonded us together so that she was like a “grandma” to us. If she was still living next door, our family would be delighted to continue helping her.

Kaitlyn, 14 years old
Good News Story Contest
Winning Submission by Kaitlyn, age 14
Brandon, Manitoba

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