Why do adults seek orthodontic treatment?

Most adults who seek orthodontic treatment do so because they feel their smile is the most important feature of their facial appearance, and they wish to improve their smile to feel happier about their looks and enhance their self-esteem. Some have problems with their teeth and gums, or they are just unhappy with their smile and the irregularity of their teeth. Other adults do so to improve their bite, chewing, or to make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.

orthodontics for adultSome adults have orthodontic treatment as part of an overall comprehensive dental treatment plan in conjunction with other specialist treatment to improve dental function and aesthetics. These patients may be having gum therapy, dental implants crowns, veneers, or bridges. Orthodontic treatment will help achieve a more superior outcome.

Some of our adult patients did have braces elsewhere when they were young, but their teeth became irregular again because of circumstances surrounding their treatment, or more usually through lack of retainer wear. For many of these patients, the irregularity of their teeth is relatively mild, and a comparatively short course of treatment can often return their teeth to perfect alignment, giving them a much more confident smile.

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